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C20 Works in Conjunction with Employee Number 1 on NickMom Photo Shoot

C20 had the pleasure of working with Keira Alexandra of Employee Number 1 on an exciting NickMom Photo Shoot created for Viacom.

Clare came recommended to us by a 20 year veteran and trusted photo editor to consult with us on budgeting and negotiating a large photo shoot. As a creative agency working with many disciplines, we often find ourselves in the position of having to mix disparate worlds, in this case, still photography and TV network on air branding. We went to Clare with the charge of helping us balance being respectful of a still photographer’s fees while also addressing the restrictive budgets and terms of our client. Clare not only understood the delicacy of the matter, but also jumped right in with practical casting, propping, scheduling and staffing advice. She was quick, smart, efficient, effective and wise. She understood our approach and creative desires and she understood both sides of the negotiation with clear authority and experience. On top of which, Clare is an absolute joy and delight.

Edited: August 27th, 2012