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Brooks Kraft shoots “big book” portrait for Harper Collins

The best part about asking Clare to negotiate the fee and contract was it allowed me to concentrate purely on creative conversations and to develop a solid working rapport with the art director. The shoot involved a portrait of a very well known personality for a major publishing company, so there was a lot of back and forth on creative decisions and logistics. Debating fees and contract language would have had not only an adverse impact on this process, but also made it a lot less fun.
In the end Clare was able to just about triple their proposed fee, so it made financial sense as well to work with C20.

Edited: November 29th, 2011

Peter Taylor shoots Lowe’s campaign for MARS Advertising

I worked with Clare on a shoot for a major big box store. Clare’s insight and experience insured that I asked all the right questions during my creative call with the client. Clare’s expertise and assistance left me free to think about the creative concepts and the production. I was awarded the gig because of the extra detail and creativity I was able to bring to the estimate. Clare’s help was invaluable, and no detail was left uncovered.

Edited: September 7th, 2011

Photographer Elizabeth Waugh shoots Carolee Ad Campaign for Chillingworth/Radding

In Elizabeth's own words below:

When I was considered for my first advertising
campaign with ad agency Chillingworth/Radding
last November, shooting jewelry still life for
Carolee, I was thrilled! Out of my
commitment to have everything go smoothly,
I consulted with Clare O'Dea/C20 Agency
regarding the estimating process.
Clare was wonderful and brought a wealth of
experience and information to the table. 

From working with her, I was able to
deliver an appropriate budget for the ad job
and establish a professional standard for my
business as I crossed the threshold
into a new realm of commerce. 

I was awarded the project and the
job went amazing! We shot six gorgeous
stills of Carolee jewelry groupings on an
array of luscious silks and textured backgrounds.
The images will be used to
showcase the Spring collection in upcoming
print advertising.

Since the Carolee job, I have been
working regularly with Clare. The process has
proved very valuable for me. 


Edited: March 2nd, 2011