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Photographer Frank Gaglione Shoots Another Wells Fargo Campaign for DAE

Frank Gaglione recently completed a series of well executed ads for Wells Fargo.

This particular estimating process for an ad job had more changes and forks in the road than I ever thought possible, including a last minute 180 on budget and concept.  Having worked with Clare in the past I expected nothing less than a cool head and clear ideas to navigate each turn. Clare delivered, we kept up perfectly with the needs of agency and client and I was awarded the job keeping true to terms that were favorable to both parties.  I simply would not think of embarking on this process without her.


Edited: August 27th, 2012

Photographer Frank Gaglione shoots Wells Fargo campaign for DAE

Working with Clare has been positively instrumental in navigating my path through the Advertising Photography realm. Her limitless knowledge base and vast experience has
provided me with the essential building blocks to form relationships with agency and client alike. There has yet to be a turn, and there have been many, that Clare has not
taken already, and because of that I know I can put my full trust in her point of view. An example of this process involved an agency requesting an estimate for an Ad job.
The images needed were perfectly in line with my forte, life style imagery showing the emotion of a real moment and telling the story in a single frame. I knew my style and
sensibilities were well suited to make the perfect imagery for them and having Clare working with me on the business side gave me the same confidence that I had on the
creative side. Clare built the estimate with me based on the particulars of the creative visuals and licensing requests. I was not awarded that job but felt confident that I had left a very professional impression and as Clare said, they will think of you next time. She was right, they put me in the mix for the next campaign which had the same creative feel. I built the estimate with Clare and was awarded the job.
Clare is an indispensable part of the estimating and negotiation process for me and beyond that a true pleasure to work with.

Edited: May 26th, 2011